Sneak Off and Read: Lines with the topic CELEBRATION #RSsos #RomSuspense


Word by Word

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines with the topic CELEBRATION for a joyous start to the week. Enjoy!

Your mom will take to the streets and do a riotous dance in celebration complete with a megaphone when she hears about this opportunity.

Vicki Batman

He grinned and shut off the truck. “Of course, I did. The eldest son is bringing home his future bride. It’s cause for celebration.”

Jacquie Biggar

“Baby, I’d marry you naked if it would make you happy.”

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair

She grinned. “Well, it might get the honeymoon started sooner.”

Veronica Forand

“Tiny trees took the place of hedges in the huge stone planters, and their multicolored lights twinkled in the early darkness. White fairy lights rimmed the entire perimeter of the rink, where couples holding hands and laughing groups of teenagers glided across the ice.

Claire Gem

Right now, the priority was the dinner. Both…

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