Key Tips for Awesome Book Signings


Look at your book signings in a brand new way!

Word by Word

location-162102_640Internet marketing is by far the most targeted method authors use to promote their books today. Tweets and Facebook posts are free. Blogging can be free. And there are many, many direct email promotions that can be purchased for little cost. And yes, it’s true—online sales—particularly for eBooks, have defined the future of the old-fashioned “bookstore.”

But I believe authors are overlooking the good, old-fashioned way of selling books—in person, at a signing. Nothing beats the face-to-face (okay, this is my door-to-door salesman dad training talking here.) But trust me, you don’t have to land a spot in a Barnes & Noble. In fact, a major bookseller signing does not guarantee a successful event. My first two books, a memoir and a paranormal romance novel, both came out in February and March of 2015. (And just for the record? My big, Tampa, Florida B&N signing was a bust).

Since then…

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