Read and Review Opportunity


Check out my friend Jo-Ann Carson’s newest novella!

Jo-Ann Carson

lovin' danger large

Do you like reviewing books?

Here’s you chance.

Through this blog, I’ve started my own Read and Review program for Lovin’ Danger, Mata Hari Series, Book 4, which launches September 1st on Amazon.

It’s a 20K novella that revisits many of your favorite Mata Hari series characters, including Casanova, the mischievous, labradoodle puppy.

If you’re interested in reading and reviewing it, simply contact me at I’ll send you a mobi file of the arc (i.e., in English, an advanced review copy for Kindle). You get to read it for free and put up reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (after Sept. 1st).

Reviews are like gold for writers, especially new ones like me. They help us spread interest in our books.

The only caveat is that you must say in the review that you received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

If you have the…

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