Sneak Off and Read: Lines with the theme – NERVOUS , #RSsos #RomSuspense


Word by Word

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines with the theme NERVOUS for a great start to the week. Enjoy!

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_750 (2)I could hear an intake of breath on the other end and I tensed, expecting Carlo to lash out at me.

Joanne Guidoccio

Marian 119 author pic“It’s the guy I’m dating. We have plans for tonight. I don’t know why he’s here now. I’ll go check it out,” she said nervously. Angelo gripped her upper arm tightly.

Marian Lanouette
All the Hidden Lies (available 2018)

I froze, too nervous to look up, too scared to move further.

S.A. Taylor
Follow Me (work in progress)

Before she got a word out about the flowers, the fire alarm interrupted with its screeching blare. “Oh, my God. What now?” Kelly’s heart jumped and adrenalin shot from there out through her extremities.

Marsha West

Sharon WrayThe man tilted his head and crossed his arms, his fingers tapping his bicep. Instead of showing…

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