The Magic Of New


sisterhood of suspense

Several years ago, I did a blog by this very same name. No, I’m not recycling blogs, because there is, definitely, magic in something new.

img_1015Back then I was awed by my Floridian, then-toddler grandson’s reaction when he saw snow for the first time. This time, I’m wallowing in my own wonder of something new—a brand new story idea, a brand-new manuscript.

Well, it’s not a manuscript yet. This book hasn’t even reached toddler stage, but is still embryonic in form. I’m at the part where I have a story concept, and I have my main characters. I’m interviewing them, which is about as fun as making brand new friends—even more fun, because I get to make these people just about any way I want them.

What I’ve decided to do is to introduce my fans—my mailing list—to these new characters first, as a reward for sticking with me book after…

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