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Yikes! I hate keeping up with my taxes. I don’t mind paying them, but keeping up is just the pits.mc900438743 And makes my heart rate jump all around and my blog pressure rise. Now I’m talking about my sales taxes and not the big income taxes. Those seems to be easier to manage. Strange, I know.

I confess, I don’t make money on my writing. I know lots of you do. I’m happy for you. Do I wish I did? Of course, but I’m lucky I have retirement and a great husband who keeps me in a style to which I’d become accustomed. 🙂 As I said, I’m one of the lucky ones.

Still the great state of Texas collects taxes on the books I sell. These are the print books and the e-books. So I have a Jan. 31 deadline to go online and file. I can figure out the…

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