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Believable conflict in romance

Word by Word

I have been trying all day to write this blog post. Seriously. All day. And that sort of sums up the last month of writing almost everything.

On my last blog, we talked about simplifying your secondary characters so the hero and heroine can take center stage. Now … what do we do with them? We put them in conflict. Internal and external.

In suspense, external conflict is usually danger: running for their lives, protecting each other, solving a mystery, chasing the villain. Whatever it is, the external conflict pushes them together when then don’t want to be, which is the internal conflict.

So, the internal conflict is why the hero and/or heroine don’t want to be together. They don’t think they need a protector, they think the other is in danger, they have a history together. He wants her, but she’s pushing him away. Or vice versa.

It’s as…

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