We’re Writers, Right?


Public speaking tips for writers

Word by Word

But frequently in our role as author, we’re asked to make a presentation at conferences, book clubs (which I really like to do), or writing groups. So I thought a quick rehash of some general PUBLIC SPEAKING HINTS might be in order.

The following ideas will, I hope, help you be comfortable when you get asked to make a presentation. Just like with writing, the more you make presentations, the more comfortable you’ll get with it. It’s definitely a learn by doing skill.

Here goes:

  1. Know what the time limit is. (Do not go over one bit. You will throw off their timing. You can go under, but not by a ton. Ask if you speaking before or after the meal.
  2. Know what exactly they are expecting of you. Do they want to know your writing process? Are they more interested in how you do Social Media? Do they…

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