Find the Magic and the Story will Flow #WritingTips #RSsos @PatAmsden


Find the magic…

Word by Word

Find The Magic

Rob Dugoni (2)I think the most important thing Robert Dugoni taught us was to find the magic.

Over dinner and in his workshop he talked about finding a quiet place where we could be still and “find the magic.”

The time when your characters come alive in your mind and the story flows out of your fingers. Most writers know what he’s talking about. Many, however, stress that writing is a job. You must sit at that computer and produce.

So it was refreshing to hear a successful writer say, “find the magic. That’s what makes writing special.” After all, isn’t that why we do it?

“Fall in love with your characters,” he says. But only keep them in your story if there’s a reason.

“Every person on the page should have a reason to be there. You don’t have to spend a page introducing a waiter who has…

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