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FORENSICS: The Tattle-Tale Corpse, #RSsos, #amwriting, #books

Hi! It’s me again, back with more juicy information I picked up at the Writer’s Police Academy back in 2010. Last month you learned someForensics down-and-dirty facts about ARSON. Today (hope you haven’t eaten yet!) is FORENSICS, autopsies and the amazing amount of facts you can gather from a corpse.

This workshop was given by Jonathan Hayes, a fascinating, hilarious British Senior Forensic Pathologist in NY. Oh, and he happens to also be an author, the link takes you to his Amazon page.

Now, I’m going off 5-year-old, scribbled notes, here, (“what the heck is that word?!) so I hope I’ve done his workshop justice, because it was riveting!

The first thing he did was make sure we understood the difference between a Medical Examiner and a Coroner. An ME performs autopsies on suspicious, unnatural and violent deaths, meaning an extensive evaluation of injuries…

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