It’s Almost Here: The Guardian by Jacquie Biggar #MFRWauthor #mgtab #BookPromo


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Jacquie Biggar- USA Today Best-selling author

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It’s been a busy few months. I’ve had this idea for a paranormal angel romance floating around in my head ever since reading the amazing J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angel series.

The premise is that a couple of free living movie stars have their lives changed forever when they are involved in a horrific car accident. One dies, Lucas Carmichael, and seeks redemption for his carelessness by vowing to help those he left behind.

Scott Anderson is lost and bitter without his best friend and blames himself for the accident. When the ME charged with investigating the case is harassed, Scott tries to help and finds himself caught up in a dangerous web of lies and deceit.

Cook County Medical Examiner, Tracy York, has seen the extreme violence humans can inflict on one another. Her sister was murdered when she was a teenager and it has made her wary of the…

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