My Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation


Health is about far more than weight.

Joanne Guidoccio

Today, we have Dr. Ellen Albertson sharing her inspiring journey to wellness.

Here’s Dr. Ellen!

drellenToday I love my body. I’ve stopped worrying about it and started enjoying it. My body is a marvelous temple, a vehicle that transports me through life and facilitates emotion and pleasure.

But it wasn’t always like this. At first, I believed the path to wellbeing was weight loss. I thought that obtaining the “perfect” body would solve all my problems. But focusing on weight WAS the problem—blocking joy, personal growth and connecting with my genius and passion.

I was a weight loss warrior/worrier focusing ridiculous amounts of time and energy on weight and helping my clients do the same thing. Counting calories, restricting food, following rigid meal plans, beating myself up for eating a cookie, exercising excessively and weighing and judging people, FOR WHAT?

Trying to control my body was destroying my life. I…

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