Updating to Windows 10 Crashed my Laptop


Jo-Ann Carson

sanity 001Yup. It happened. I got the dreaded black screen of death.

black screen
They’re not pretty, but here’s my story.

My philosophy

Generally my rule of thumb when it comes to all-things-technical is to not be a first adopter, but to be a close second. What they call a late adopter. That is to say, I don’t rush to the front of the line to try new things, because although they may have a shiny look to them nasty bugs often hide beneath their glossy surface. Think teaming maggots. Teaming, hungry maggots. Yuck. So I like to hop onto the band wagon after the initial bugs have been stomped out. The software or hardware is still new, but not untested.

Windows 10

Windows 10 has been out for some time. I kept hearing tantalizing stories about how it would make my system run faster and smoother. For a writer, the computer…

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